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Intimate + Intensive Vagrein Channeling! Live in London, UK!
Intimate + Intensive Vagrein Channeling! Live in London, UK!

mar 23 lug


Angel, Islington - London

Intimate + Intensive Vagrein Channeling! Live in London, UK!

Unlock your full potential with Vagrein's first-ever live UK event! Experience powerful transmissions, deep meditations, and personal Q&A sessions with the non-physical entity group. Join us for an intensive day of transformation and connection!

Orario & Sede

23 lug 2024, 10:00 – 16:00

Angel, Islington - London

Info sull'evento

**Unlock Your True Potential with Vagrein: A Transformational Live Event in North London**

Are you ready to experience profound personal growth and spiritual connection? Join us for a life-changing, intimate event with Vagrein, an entity focused on self-acceptance and unity consciousness, making its debut appearance in the UK.


Deeply Transformative Experience

Engage in powerful energy transmissions that elevate your consciousness and catalyze personal growth. This isn't just another event; it's a profound opportunity to transform your life.

Deep Spiritual Connection

Deepen your connection to the non-physical and your own inner wisdom through guided meditations and interactive Q&A sessions. Gain clarity and guidance on your path, directly from Vagrein.

Personal Growth

Unlock your full potential and step into a new realm of possibility. Learn how to integrate profound teachings into your daily life and experience energetic upgrades and downloads.

Community and Support

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for spiritual exploration. Meet your soul family and create lasting connections in an intimate setting.

Direct Interaction with Jessie

Benefit from Jessie Herman's years of channeling experience. Engage with her personally and receive personalized insights and guidance.


  • Potent Transmissions: Receive powerful messages directly from Vagrein - the non physical entity group that promotes deep self-acceptance as the gateway to unity consciousness.
  • Interactive Q&A: Have your most pressing questions answered.
  • Practical Integrations: Learn to integrate these teachings into your daily life.
  • Energetic Upgrades: Experience profound energetic downloads.
  • Personal Engagement: Connect directly with Jessie and other attendees.
  • Community Connection: Meet and socialize with like-minded souls.
  • Post-Event Social time Together: Enjoy time at a local venue to connect further.


- Date:July 23rd

- Time: 10 AM to 4:00 PM (with a break for lunch)

- Location: Angel, Islington - North London (exact venue is announced to ticketholders)

-Pricing: €222


Tickets are now on sale for this extraordinary event. With only 33 spots available, this is a rare chance to experience a life-changing event in an intimate setting. Don't miss your chance to be part of a community dedicated to transformation and connection.

Your soul family awaits. Be part of this unique, transformational experience with Vagrein and discover the true potential within you.


 "I am feeling a deep sense of peace, gratitude and love and I know it is a direct result of what was transmitted at the event.  A shift happened and it feels so amazing to be me. Absolutely one of the highlights of my life. Thank you from the deepest place of my being." 

- RD

"I feel so blessed and fulfilled to have made it to the exact moment in space and time as you, creating a reunification of family souls in this dance called life." 


"Thank you Jessie and everyone for making it all real for us to experience. I am totally overwhelmed and in awe of the fact that this kind of gathering is possible!" 



**Discover the Magic of Vagrein**

Vagrein is a transformative, multidimensional non-physical entity group whose messages have touched and uplifted countless lives. This profound source of wisdom and light is channeled through me, Jessie Herman. My journey began unexpectedly and reluctantly on my 40th birthday five years ago. Despite initial hesitation, I embraced this gift and have been channeling ever since, devoted to sharing Vagrein's transformative messages with the world. Over the years, I’ve shared Vagrein’s insights through group sessions, my YouTube channel, and special one-on-one experiences.

**Collaborations and Media Appearances**

Throughout my channeling journey, I've had the honor of working alongside some of the most respected names in the spiritual community, including:

- Mike Dooley

- Daniel Scranton

- Reuben Langdon

- Michael Sandler (Inspire Nation)

- Alex Ferrari (Next Level Soul)

I have also contributed to projects featuring Bashar, Lyssa Royal Holt, Matt Khan, Sarah Landon, Paul Selig, Riz Mizrah, Geoffrey Hoppe, Sheila Gilette (Theo), and Wendy Kennedy.

**A Special Event on July 23rd**

I am thrilled share woth you this unique, one-day Vagrein event on July 23rd at a theatre in Angel, Islington, London.

Having lived in London, I am especially excited to return and channel Vagrein in a city that holds a special place in my heart. 

This intensive channeling experience is a rare opportunity to connect deeply with Vagrein’s energies and wisdom.

Can't wait to see you there!

Much love,



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    Termine vendita: 23 lug, 09:30
    222,00 €
    +5,55 € di commissione


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