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Learn Tools for the Journey of a Lifetime

An Odyssey can be defined as:
  • An extended adventurous voyage or trip.

  • An intellectual or spiritual quest.

  • An epic poem, attributed to Homer, in which are celebrated the adventures of Odysseus (Ulysses) during ten years of wandering, spent in repeated endeavors to return to Ithaca, his native island, after the close of the Trojan war.

So what is a Self-Love Odyssey?  

By this definition, you can think of the Self-Love Odyssey Toolkit as giving yourself a set of tools that will accompany you on your epic, extended, intellectual, emotional and spiritual adventure of living your life in harmony and love with yourself.  

We all have moments where we're lost in doubt, insecurity, confusion and our own darkness. 

Our goal with this program is to offer you the toolkit that will help you in these moments; the lantern that will light your path,  the knife that will free you from negative self-talk, and the hammer to smash through your old limiting beliefs of yourself.

Together, with Jessie and the group we'll learn ways to always know our compass and be able to navigate our ways home to our native island of Self-Love.

The Course + The Journey

Self-love is the cornerstone to all of life's enjoyment and satisfaction. It's what makes us able to show up in the world in our most brilliant versions of self. It's what ensures our presence with our friends and family and those we came here to serve.

Without it, life is a never-ending nightmare of insecurity, doubt and the sense of being alone. We're haunted by negative beliefs about ourselves that we picked up from others throughout our lives and are afraid to truly shine, share our voice and show up as our true selves. We repeat patterns of hurt and pass them onto our children or contaminate our closest relationships. Everyday feels like a struggle and another set of challenges. It's exhausting.

When you have a strong sense of self love,  no matter where you are, what is happening or who you are with, you are always safe at home. You're able to zoom out and see things from a new perspective. You're able to understand what is actually yours and what is someone else's projection onto you. You're free of attempts to gain approval and validation outside of yourself and live in a state of confidence, compassion and peace. Your life is no longer conditional and you are finally in the drivers seat of how you feel.

In this 15 module course you will be following one lesson, exercise or challenge per week to experientially learn key tools that work like magic so you too can completely enjoy the greatest relationship of your life, the one with yourself.

The 15 modules include:

  • guided video lectures with transformational life-coach  Jessie Herman.

  • Recordings of the 14 live coaching calls with Jessie - this live sessions were available only for the first group of the program. 

  • Dance parties with each of the bonus calls

  • a special guided meditation on self-love you can use over and over

  • Emotional Freedom Technique tapping to help you release any blocks you're now holding on the topic

  • self-reflection worksheets and prompts to help you really understand the mechanism towards letting go of negative beliefs you currently hold

  • access to a the course message boards where you can interact with with others on your same path for support, accountability and sharing

  • a private group where you can develop relationships with the guides and other participants.

  • 8 BONUS lectures with special guests covering TRE, Meditation, Astrology, Human Design, Genekeys, Continuum, Pleasure Practices and Journaling

  • external resources that support your growth helping you find the best direction for further explorations

  • tools and practices that you will learn in the course and carry the rest of your life

  • access to the curates Spotify playlist for the course

  • so much more


Can't Wait to Get Started?

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