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The Vagrein Summer Solstice Retreat

"The only consequence of any action imaginable is expansion."

- Vagrein


Spend time in the physical presence of Vagrein

A Journey into Unity Consciousness and Self-Acceptance

We extend a warm invitation to you to join us in the heart of Acqui Terme for a transformative experience - the Vagrein Channeling Retreat.  At the core of our gathering is the ethereal presence of Vagrein - the non-physical entity group imparting messages of unity consciousness and self-acceptance.


"Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins" - the title of Vagrein's first book - echoes their wisdom, reminding us that within our unique gifts lies the key to self-discovery and connection. As we collectively open our hearts, profound transmissions unfold, guiding us toward inner unity.  Embrace newfound confidence in your human journey. Expect to return home with a deep sense of peace, resilience, and enlightenment, ready to navigate life's challenges with newfound strength and cosmic support.

This retreat is designed for those who have expanded past traditional mindfulness, non-duality, or somatic training and are ready to integrate their knowing with their experiencing. If you're ready to blend your spiritual essence into your everyday human experience, this journey is tailored for you.

The location, Acqui Terme in northern Italy, unfolds its history, blending Roman legacies and diverse religious cultures. From this magical location we will be able to call in the light of the Summer Solstice and its transformative energies.

Engage in morning yoga and breathwork, pausing for nourishment and exploration. Join multiple Vagrein sessions daily and late in the evening, as the sun sets on some of the longest days of the year, embrace nightly social dinners, celebrating the joy of human connection enhanced by the powerful backdrop of the summer solstice —a unique aspect of this retreat fostering conviviality.

In this retreat we welcome you back to yourself. Let us embark on a collective exploration, discovering the beauty within and the unity that binds us all. Together with Vagrein's guidance, let's transcend seeking and embrace the transformative power of sharing.

When? - June 20 - 23, 2024

Being in Acqui Terme from June 20-23 for the retreat is a delightful immersion into the heart of Italian charm and spiritual tranquility.


As the summer solstice graces the region, the town's cobbled streets come alive with warmth and vitality, creating an inviting backdrop for self-discovery.


Amidst the historical allure and healing energies of Acqui Terme, participants will experience a unique fusion of ancient traditions and serene landscapes, making each moment a harmonious blend of cultural exploration and spiritual renewal.

More Info Coming Soon!

Reserving Your Spot

Spaces for this retreat are extremely limited due to the desire for intimate and individual transformation. We are opening it to a maximum of 20 participants.


We offer some flexible pricing options with a discount for the first 8 confirmed retreat participants. The standard package includes morning yoga and breathwork, all Vagrein sessions, afternoon coffee, tea and snacks and delightful social dinners in local restaurants.

There is an option to pay in installments and if you are travelling with family or friends who do not want to participate in the sessions there is also the option to add on only the meals so they can share this experience with us. 


Visit our registration page for detailed pricing information and to choose the package and add-ons that aligns with your desired experience.


Transportation, accomodation and other meals are not included.

Where? - Acqui Terme, Italy

Acqui Terme is easily accessible. If arriving by air, the nearest airport is the Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport,  but there are also connections from Milan. A scenic train or bus ride transports visitors to Acqui Terme, allowing them to soak in the picturesque landscapes. For those preferring road travel, well-maintained highways lead to the town, ensuring a smooth and enchanting arrival. Once in Acqui Terme, the town's walkable layout and local transportation options make exploration of its historical charm and spiritual sites effortlessly accessible. 



Renting a car and driving from Milan or Genova airports to Acqui Terme takes roughly the same time (about 1.5 hours), with minimal variations. This could be an ideal solution if you can share the drive with other participants. 



For train travel, flying into Genova is optimal, as there's a direct train to Acqui Terme. A €6 bus from Genova airport conveniently connects to the train station. Genoa Airport > Bus to station > direct train to Aqui Terme

If you choose to fly into Milan and take the train, you can take a train or bus to the main train station, then a train to Genoa with a transfer to another train to Acqui Terme. MXP Airport > Bus/Train to station > Train to Acqui Terme with transfer in Genoa

A WhatsApp group connects confirmed participants so you can try to match day/landing times and for arranging accommodations. 

Tentative Daily Schedule

This schedule is still subject to change and can also be altered according to spontaneous occurances.

7:00 - Yoga + breathwork Session

9:00 - Breakfast

10:30 - Vagrein Session 

12.30 - Lunch pause + exploration

3:30 - Vagrein Session

5:00 - Coffee Pause

5:30 - Vagrein Session

7:00 - Pause to get ready for dinner

8:00 - Group dinner at local restaurant

10:00 - After-dinner events 

More Info Coming Soon!

If you’d like more information about the retreat, get in touch today.


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Saving Your Spot!

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Shortly after you submit this form, we will contact you directly in order to have a conversation about your preferences and whether or not the retreat is a good match for you. 

Thank you! Someone will get back to you shortly with the next steps.

Please Note:

The information on this page will be updated as we continue to have questions from participants and move closer to the date of the actual retreat. We will endeavour to keep it as clear as possible and please be aware that some details may change over the coming months.

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